May 25, 2017 @ 6:00 pm – 7:15 pm
Monadnock Natural Health
16 Church St
Keene, NH 03431
Ashley Richarson
Fatigue: Toxicity, stress, poor nutrition

Toxicity, stress and lack of adequate nutrition increase your weight and sap your your energy.

In my twenty plus years of practice, I can tell you without hesitation, the top two complaints people want help with are weight and energy. Ninety percent of the time the two are related.


So what’s the big deal about weight and energy?


Let’s start with weight. Let’s face it; nobody likes the uncomfortable feeling of trying to fit in clothes that are too tight. Vanity aside, excess weight is a precursor to a host of other chronic health conditions including high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.


And then there’s energy… more specifically, the lack thereof.  Low energy robs us of our motivation to do… well, just about everything. Everything usually starts with the things we like to do for ourselves. Then it seeps in and drains our effectiveness in all other areas as well.


And nobody feels good about that.


Good news! The increased weight, low energy cycle is no mystery. In this workshop we’ll explore this all too familiar health issue highlighting the most common causes and the natural strategies to handle them. If, with each passing year, you have more weight and less energy, this workshop is for you.



Thursday May 17th, 25th, 6 – 7:15 PM. Monadnock Natural Health, 16 Church St., Keene

Free Admission, Registration Required.

 R.S.V.P. 603-852-4706

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