Unique Approach to Wellness

What’s it like to work with Monadnock Natural Health?

This page will give you a sense of our guiding beliefs, approach to the services we offer, the kind of results our clients have reported and how we’re different than most chiropractors and wellness practitioners.


Our wellness and health are associated with the way we experience our world. Monadnock Natural Health’s mission is to help as many individuals, like you, as we can, find the road back to health, vitality and peacefulness. When we witness a client getting well, staying healthy and coming alive under our guidance, we can’t wait to be of service to someone else and do it all over again.

You would imagine, what with all the focus on health in our world, that the ever-expanding amount of information available would have enhanced our health. But just the opposite has occurred. As you look around and experience, our health and our health care system are laboring, or failing. We’re out to change that.


We’re above all, attuned to the individual – different patients have different needs. One size does not fit all. Although we have a variety of practice modalities that address a wide variety of health issues, we approach each patient with the same attitude: We’re here to uncover the underlying issues going on with your body. We do it accurately, honestly and respectfully, getting to know you in the process. When we work together, we get that much closer to getting your body on its path to restored health.

The process at times can be fun, invigorating, challenging or enlightening… but it does yield positive, happy results.


When you work with us, you can expect to have the “mystery” of your health challenge unlocked and experience the desirable, sustainable changes in your health that are possible. No longer will you have to suffer the pain that you’ve been enduring for so long. You will receive the help you need to live your life more fully and vibrantly in ways that you may have given up believing were possible.

Through our holistic health practices, the totality of your health problems will finally be effectively addressed and resolved. Never again will you have to feel embarrassed by your inability to engage with others the way you’d like because your health issues get in the way. You can be at peace, knowing your body is on its road to recovery because you made the choice to try something that works.


When you’re looking for a holistic health practitioner these days there are a lot to choose from. What makes us different?

We have a unique combination of services available to meet the diverse needs of most potential clients. First and foremost, we can determine the underlying causes of a patient’s health problem so we know which service will suit them best.

Once we have uncovered the underlying causes of our patients’ challenges and established the plan and path for regaining their health.

Now that you have a better idea about our approach and philosophy of working with clients and the results you can expect by working with us, next go to the Our Services page to learn about the specific services and programs we offer.