Lawn Mower Maintenance, Toxicity and Your Health

Lawn Mower Maintenance, Toxicity and Your Health I know what you’re thinking. What does lawnmower maintenance have to do with your health? We’ll get there in a minute. First, I’ve got to paint the picture for you. The repair shop owner was like the soup nazi character in the comedy series, Seinfeld. His no-nonsense style…


Gut Wrenching

Gut Wrenching When I saw him a couple of years ago, I noticed it at once. Something about him was different. Biting my tongue, I thought, “My god, he looks like he’s dying.” My childhood friend. From the perspective of a health practitioner and out of general concern for the welfare of others, it can…


Are You Willing to Take That Chance?

She politely raised her hand, looked at me intently and asked, “What about genetics?”  Could that not be the cause of ailments like high blood pressure, cancer or hormone imbalance?  And although I mounted what I thought was quite a compelling argument to the contrary, she held firmly to her belief.


As I packed up my lecture equipment, I had a lingering thought: what is the possibility that she is right?  After all, haven’t I had dozens and dozens of clients come to the Center with a prior diagnosis of genetically caused symptom-otology, like high blood pressure?

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